Caturday: Fur butts, docks, and an Instant Pot

When we moved into the trailer, I got rid of all my appliances. I didn’t need a food processor, the blender or even the coffee maker since we use a decanter. Actually, I just had no room and they were all rather heavy. However, I also had friends with an Instant Pot and they rather loved it, so this got me interested. I made a trade for one, trading a TV (too big for the trailer) for my new best kitchen friend the Instant Pot.


This thing is perfect for living in a travel trailer. It requires a minimal amount of food prep, and after that it’s almost strictly switch on and forget. No more back and forth in close quarters, attempting to clear a few inches of work space where inches are at a premium, with a furry crew eager to investigate, if not trip you up… So far, I’ve cooked a chicken, bean soup, a veggie mix and more. Oh, and I chucked the crock pot as this new thing slow cooks too. Given that Lastech has type II diabetes, we’re having to eat healthier. The pot is greatly simplifying things. I started by following recipes while I learned my way around this thing and frankly having fun with it. I’m branching out on my own now. Stew is on the menu this week. 🙂

Now it’s time for the fur butts to have their moment in the limelight. They have all been very busy napping as it’s such serious business. If I’m lucky, I catch them with their eyes open.

Fuzzy wuzzy Tito
Lazy Miss Jenny has the Look of Love
Titanescu. If there were more of him, it would be a Murder of Cats
I think Pepi was watching Titanescu. He likes to show her who’s boss, so he makes her nervous.

Now for a few pics by Lastech. I was going through his photos and I really liked these for various reasons. These were taken at night and very early morning.

Under the pier
The weathered deck
The Buckyball outside the Exploratorium
The morning sun over the Bay Bridge
Sunrays for breakfast

That’s it for this week. See ya later


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