Caturday: Furballs in hiding

Yes, the furballs are hiding, at least during the day. I spend several days a week trying to unpack boxes and the furballs are NOT amused. I only do a few boxes at a time and I try to avoid sudden moves. Sadly, I keep having to reorganize constantly. Going from an apartment to a trailer is a challenge. There is plenty of storage here, but not all of it is easy to access. Figuring out what we need easy access to vs. what we can stash away is the tricky part. The poor pointy eared people are getting tired of it already. They remain in hiding until I quit for the day. I do try to work for a couple of hours and then break for a while, so they can feel comfortable using the litterbox and getting a stretch. We avoid doing much unpacking at all on Lastech’s days off. It gives us all a break.

In other news, I’m happy as a pig in erm… stuff! The produce market is just wonderful. It’s too hot to cook indoors, so we eat a lot of salad and cold veggies. The fruit selection is stellar too. While they don’t have beef or pork, they do carry a good selection of fish. We use the grill on Lastech’s days off, so we tried the Mahi Mahi. Yummy!

Now it’s time for the pointy eared people to shine. As they’ve been hiding, getting pics has been awkward. Only Titanescu hangs out with me during the day. He spent so much time in the gulag, he’s not scared of much.

Tito: She's watching, isn't she?
Tito: She’s watching, isn’t she?
Titanescu: Da! She's watching
Titanescu: Da! She’s watching
Jenny: Why you do this to me Dimmy? Why?
Jenny: Why you do this to me Dimmy? Why?

Lastech managed to get this cool pic last night

From bottom to top: The moon, Venus, and Jupiter
From bottom to top: The moon, Venus, and Jupiter

And now for a lullaby to an elephant

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2 Replies to “Caturday: Furballs in hiding”

  1. Great pictures! Really like the one of the night sky.

    Packing and unpacking boxes is something I really don’t want to do ever again — but you never know. One of the nice things about living in this small house is that I am so limited in the amount of furniture I can put in it. So, if I ever move again, there won’t be that much to move. Donating two big boxes of books last year was pretty liberating. I was surprised by how much space it freed up and I have not regretted it one bit. It was hard to part with some of those books because I’d had them for so long but I’m happy to know that someone else is enjoying them now. I feel the same way about getting rid of my piano this past winter. I haven’t missed it at all.

    I hope it doesn’t take long for you to unpack everything. 🙂

    1. It shouldn’t take too much longer. The hardest part is organizing as I go. We’re getting there. I moved the Feliway difuser this morning and now Miss Jenny is sitting at the screen door watching the birdies. I’m being VERY slow in my movements as I don’t want to scare her back under the couch. She’s happy at the moment. 🙂

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