Caturday: Blurry days

Happy Caturday everyone! This has been an interesting week to say the least. It has flown by so fast that it was as blurry as our kitty pics.

Our lovely city managed to make the national headlines with the story of the torso in the suitcase discovery. Aside from the torso, they found a leg in a trash bin down the street. Where this was found was not in a quiet area. It’s a major bus hub. On a better note, I’m grateful for security cameras. They were able to release photos of a man with the suitcase. A couple of hours after that, he was arrested. Oddly enough, I was living in South Florida within a mile of where the suitcase killer was dropping bodies.

Now, on a much happier note, an extremely rare Sierra Nevada red fox has been photographed in Yosemite. I hope this is a good sign.

Now after all the odd news, it’s time for the pointy eared people. Yes, blurry is the word today. I always try to pick the best pics. Not today. This is what we get 98% of the time.

Tito looking a tad confused
Tito looking a tad confused
Miss Jenny about to show daddy what she can do
Miss Jenny about to show daddy what she can do
I can do the blender head!
I can do the blender head!
Titan prefers that his "Resting Stink Eye" remain resting
Titan prefers that his “Resting Stink Eye” remain resting

As for Lastech and I, we’re rapidly becoming fans of the Tiny House movement. This is a tour of the home we like. I would prefer a slightly different floor plan though. I also would not take up space with a washer/dryer. This is our dream home, which is subject to change. For now, we may have to settle for a travel trailer. Either way, we will wind up with a home that we can take with us when we want to move. 🙂

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5 Replies to “Caturday: Blurry days”

  1. as usual,your furry babies are beautiful. the house, while very neat and tidy wouldn’t remain so for long given m housekeepins skills,abilities and motivations. in other words, no one could get i or out after i’d had it for three days LOL. you want it so much i do hope you can purchase itl out for the night now, i can tell fever is back. it’s beginning to ticke me off! to you, Lastech and the furkids, lotsa virtual hugs, you do not want whatever it is that i have! HUGGS!

  2. Body parts? Ewwwwwhhhh!!

    I’d be so darn freaked out that my paranoia would have me jumping at evrything if that were happening around here. Nope… this kitten prefers her bloody “bits and pieces” strictly in movies. Even those give me the willies sometimes…

    You two be careful, not all the crazies wear hockey masks…. 😉

  3. Even your blurry pictures are nice to look at! I love the blender head shot. I get a LOT of those kinds of pictures of Louise. Just when I think she’s going to sit still and let me take her picture, she shakes her head like that or she’ll jump up and take off and I’ll end up with a shot of her butt. Very frustrating!

    Haven’t talked with you in a while so I’m going to email you tonight!

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