Caturday: noisy construction and bolt-holes

It’s the weekend and so far, the noise in the lot next door is at a minimum today. They aren’t stopping for the weekend, but they aren’t as noisy. Back in the day, the lot was a gas station and the owners lived in our building. Since then, the lot was cleaned up, rezoned and sold along with our building. The new owners are going to fill the empty space with offices and shops on the bottom two floors and apartments above. There’s a plan to add two more floors to our building to do the same. That will mean eviction when the time comes, so we’re trying to get ready now.

We’re furiously thinning out everything IN the apartment and the builders are noisily building outside. The pointy eared people are NOT amused. We’ve tried to help by creating bolt-holes and other places to hide. The Feliway helps a lot. In addition, Lastech is changing from graveyard shift to swing (3 to 11 pm). That way, we can work in the apartment during the day when the furry ones are already hiding from the racket next door. With any luck, it will be a bit less traumatic for them. I know what stress does to humans. I can’t imagine what it does to them. The change will also help Lastech as it’s impossible to sleep well with construction going on a few feet away.

In spite of all that, they still managed to pose nicely for us.

Beautiful Tito
Beautiful Tito
Happy Miss Jenny
Happy Miss Jenny
Titanescu awash in the glow of the television as he contemplates world domination
Titanescu awash in the glow of the television as he contemplates world domination

Here is a good video from The Mean Kitty at Youtube. Cory’s explanation at the beginning of the video is why we’re trying so hard to make it easy for the pointy eared people. Dogs go through the same thing when there are changes in the home, but as most of them spend time outdoors, their world is just a wee bit bigger.

As a bonus, here’s the song that made The Mean Kitty (Sparta) famous. 🙂

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4 Replies to “Caturday: noisy construction and bolt-holes”

  1. Maybe you should restrict Titan’s television viewing. If he contemplates world domination while he watches t.v., he is obviously watching the wrong shows. I think you should only let him watch PBS. 🙂

  2. My princess lab spends little time outdoors. She’s definitely an air conditioning loving furbaby. Spoiled, spoiled spoiled.

    I agree with restricting Titanesque’s television viewing time, he’s definitely firming and forming world domination plans! “Gimme alla da fishies and nobunny gets mauled in the night!” I just love all your furbabies, but he truly has my kind of mindset. Be careful in the night, in the dark people tend to try to ignore screams of terror … in the dark…in the night. Beware!

    Hugs to all of you…in the dark…in the Dead hours! 🙂

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