We have joined up with a group of Facebook friends to participate in The Great Meow.

According to Venus BelaStar on FB:

In Remembrance of Those Departed
The Great Meow is a very old cat tradition passed down through generations. Our adopted dad, Shiva Dancing (who was a very wise and old soul) taught us about it.

The time will be 9PM in every time zone

At nine time throw your head back and let out the biggest MEOW ever for who you wish to honor…there is no limit to how many…PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT!!!

A few days later look for them in the late night sky…. The Perseid Meteor Shower will be passing us by…I don’t know about you, but I have some shooting stars to name!

We meow for The Boober (left) and Kitsy (right)
We meow for The Boober (left) and Kitsy (right)

We meow for Henry Hobson’s brother, Mr. Peabody. We are meowing for Nekoneko’s kitty, Goober and Sally’s sweet kitty, Sundance. We meow for Labwitchy’s two labs, Thordoggie and the Divine Miss D. We are also meowing for Abra’s sweet corgis, Terra and Justice. We meow for ALL of those who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. All of them are missed greatly.

Miss Jenny

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  1. Thank you Satchel Family for the Meow out to my nakiebrother Mr. Peabody. I’d like to take this opportunity to Meow for your beloved Kitsy and The Boober.

    I’m so glad we both attended the event—there was so much love and mutual pain shared. It truly brought comfort to me and my family.

    Thank you for being such wonderful friends.

    1. Thank you Henry. It’s nice to have friends who understand that our kits and doggies are more than just a pet. They are family and we mourn for them. Thank you and your family for being such nice friends as well.

  2. Awwwhh!! Why thank you both for remembering my sweet Goober… I’m just so sorry I almost missed this post. With my crazy schedule it’s been so darn hard to keep up with everybody lately.

    Consider this my late for the party “Meeeeooow!!” for everybody as well. 😉

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