Bored by the Kim and Kanye Kid show? Le piss..!

Long before the Kardashian’s baby bump serial began, “Snuff Box” offered a preview of the future, in which Rich Fulcher dated himself with a clear reference to Salt n Pepa’s “Push It”…

Snuff Box” was the result of Fulcher and Matt Berry working supporting roles on “the Mighty Boosh“, and some of you may remember Berry as the boss on “the IT crowd“: here is the intro of his character.

I think this clip from “Snuff Box” shows just how the baby will be… “monetized” with new merchandising on tee-vee:

Here’s a great montage of Fulcher’s best on the Boosh, and I hope you’ll check out these series. Their clips are on their way to rival Monty Python’s on Youtube.

“The IT crowd” and “Snuff Box” are available on Netflix streaming, and “the Mighty Boosh” is available on discs only.

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