Midnight Movie Madness “Karate -Robo Zaborgar”: a boy and his bike

Karate-Robo Zaborgar” – (114 mns, Japan, 2011 – NR)

As the saying goes, ‘first I was like OMG, then I LOL’d’… On this side of the ring, the good guys: Daimon and his motorcycle , the titular Zaborgar thingamajig. The Zaborgar thing transforms into a robot which fights bad guys and bad robots alike with karate. It’s also made from Daimon’s dead brother’s DNA, extracted and mechanized by Daimon’s Nobel Prize winning scientist dad.

If this wasn’t enough baggage, while training in karate years ago, Daimon witnessed the death of his father, who had been captured by the evil Sigma organization, trolling about in the sky aboard what looks like – well, a gigantic ass.

Thankfully, Daimon was spared the spectacle of his father’s humiliation (his word) at the hands of Dr. Akunomiya’s cyborg henchmen, who inflicted titty-twisters on the venerable scientist, before he leaped off the giant ass in the sky and got nuked in mid-air by a laser blast, exploding above Daimon’s karate class… Did I mention the professor used to breast-feed his sons..?

I know. At this point you might think an aspirin is in order but perhaps a stiff drink is more apropos. We still have to discuss the bad guys, the Samurai robot and the Diarrhea robot. That’s right: the Diarrhea robot, an ant spewing acid from both ends.  As for Samurai robot, he has giant lips designed to kiss politicians on the mouth, stealing their DNA. Their karate skills are no match for Zaborgar, but Miss Cyborg and her missile-launching bra is another matter. Why, she even manages to steal  Daimon’s heart (not literally)…

With Daimon’s loyalty tested by corrupt politicians he’s sworn to protect and his heart divided between Zaborgar and Miss Cyborg, which path will he take? To find out, let’s kill a few people and flash forward twenty-five years…

This is more than a revival of ’70s Japanese television, “Karate Robo Zaborgar” is a comedy  well off the beaten path, in the same vein as “Gentlemen Broncos“. “Karate Robo Zaborgar” pits high-school misfits (both the good and bad guys) against the true villains: lecherous, corrupt politicians, with slow-mo explosions, Bruce Lee moves and moos, ludicrous subtitles and very weird innuendos…

Karate Robo Zaborgar” gets five jellybeans….

5 beans
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4 Replies to “Midnight Movie Madness “Karate -Robo Zaborgar”: a boy and his bike”

  1. OMG!!! 🙂

    That has to be the wackiest “sex scene” I’ve ever seen in a movie. Only in Japan…. Or maybe Thailand. 😉

    And… because strange fake movie trailers can be sooooo much fun, how about a 70’s style grindhouse exploitation one? My friend Sam sent me this one the other day, and it’s still making goofy lil me giggle. Somehow I just gotta share….


    1. That vid was funny stuff. There should always be a bad guy in a Lucha Libre mask chasing someone down the street. For the record, the dune buggy action bit was filmed within 30 miles of my hometown. 🙂 There aren’t many places like it. I have the giggles too. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Oooohhh! Glad I could bring back those old memories for you…. Dune buggies are one of the few things from the 70’s that I wish were still as “cool” and “funky” as they were back then. I’d soooo have one if they were…

        That whole fake Trailer has inspired me to hunt down my old DVD of “Cleopatra Jones” for movie nite. Gotta love those crazy 70’s girl power films!! 😉

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