Sunday cat update with pics

I wanted to post this yesterday, but I was too pooped to type. I spent the day at the fire department taking part in a disaster operations class for some volunteer work I do. The class was fun and I managed to stay awake though I hadn’t had any sleep in over 24 hours. Once I got home and sat on the bed, I melted. So today you have it. Hopefully, next Caturday will go up as planned.

Tito is adjusting well to the new tyrant. He pushes things with Titan a bit, but not in an aggressive manner. He walks up to him and doesn’t let a hiss deter him. As a result, Titan hissing a lot less. Tito is a beautiful little soul.

Watchful Tito
Watchful and patient

Miss Jenny is more careful around Titan. I think she got her feelings hurt when he smacked her nose a while back. She’s not scared or aggressive. She’s just more careful to give him space.

Miss Jenny
She’s probably dreaming of taters

Mr. Titanescu or Titan of the White Whisker has made plenty of progress this last week. We leave the door to his room open unless we’re both going to be out. He’s exploring the apartment more and more. He’s finally beginning to explore our bedroom and the place where the other two hang out most.

He conquered his fear and claimed the cat tower..for about 5 minutes

This morning he did something amazing. He played. He was in the hall and did one of the quick 180s and dashed into the kitchen. Tito followed. He then dashed into his room at top speed followed by Tito. He did that twice and only at the very end did he remember to hiss at Tito. Tito just looked at him and sauntered away calmly. I swear I saw Tito smiling.

We also discovered that Titan has a bad drug habit.

Titan the nip head

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4 Replies to “Sunday cat update with pics”

  1. Glad to hear things are progressing nicely with Titan. On our end things have gone smoothly integrating the nakies and the furbies. We all love Viti and Wlad a lot!

  2. Nice to see the newest fur-ball is fitting himself in so nicely!! 😉

    Looks like it won’t be long before they all get comfy with each other. I’ve never ever had more than one kitty at a time…. barring the unexpected litter of kittens waaaaay back when I was little. I remember fondly that house full of lil’ scampering fiends… but not the multi-cat litter-box scooping that was made into lil’ Miyuki’s household chore… “Teach me some adult responsibility” my butt!! My Mom just didn’t like to do it and neither did my Grandma…. Ah, the memories. 🙂

    1. Hi Cat Girl! I never really had cats until I met my husband. I had a couple of outdoor cats when I was young, but the outdoors isn’t healthy for them in the city. We decided three is perfect. We have lost two and that odd number makes recovery a tad easier. It doesn’t alleviate the grief, but we don’t have an empty apartment and the two remaining kitties have each other. 🙂

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