Monday morning zen…Of a sort

Lastech works graveyard and last night was his Friday.  Following his suggestion, we made a quick trip to the park hoping for cool, frosty pictures. Quiet it was, for a short time.

We started off at the Japanese Tea Garden…

A moment of zen

A moment of zen

It was nice while it lasted…which was less than 15 minutes. We  heard the obnoxious and icky sound of horking (Lastech: she means puking) coming from the other side of the garden. Jeebus! It’s really not a good idea for a girl to party all night and then go out to the park while NOT dressed for the cold and still inebriated.

We made our escape before I found myself wanting to join in with a sympathy hork. Ugh!

We crossed the street to the arboretum in order to restore our moment of zen. Ceiling Cat be praised, we found it.

San Francisco Botanical Garden


Magnolia leaf

Magnolia leaf

Ice on the pond

Ice on the pond

The last photo is a rare sight in San Francisco. Frost is rare here and frozen water more so.

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