OMG! We’re back up! …and there’s a birthday!


Today we want to celebrate our return from the dreaded 403 error code to wish our favorite blogger Nekoneko (aka Catgirl) a very wonderful and happy birthday. She has the great movie review site, Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox where she reviews horror films from all over the world. Be sure to give her site a visit.

With special thanks to Cheezburger
birthday 1

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2 Replies to “OMG! We’re back up! …and there’s a birthday!”

  1. Awwww!!! Thank you guys for remembering! It’s my big “4-0” this year so now I’m officially an “old crazy cat lady”, at least so my friends keep teasing me that is. 😉

    Hahahaha!! Even my old nemesis MR. Raccoon wishes me well? He certainly owes me after that nibble he took on my leg…. 😉

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