Caturday: The Neighborhood Watch

It’s Caturday. We survived the holiday the easy way. We did NOTHING. Ok, Lastech had to work, but you get my meaning. Yesterday we didn’t indulge in the Black Friday lunacy either. Instead, we went off and mingled with the tourists to get a few night photos that we’ll share later.

Tito’s Eyes by Lastech
Miss Jenny likes to lay on my old doll bed and gaze out of the window. She’s the official neighborhood watch cat

Here’s a bit of humor from Simon’s Cat.

And now for something mind numbingly cute.

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One Reply to “Caturday: The Neighborhood Watch”

  1. Glad to hear you made it through another holiday with your sanity intact. 😉

    I’m sooooo with you on the “Black Friday” nonsense. It really irritated me that they pushed it back into Thursday itself. I mean…. Really? Thanksgiving day? Couldn’t Corporate America put their rampant greed on hold and not force their employees to miss that one single day away to spend with their families? Grrrrr!!! 🙁

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