Traveling with pets: additional musings

Ah, San Francisco… We fancied a trip to Baker Beach yesterday and took a long walk barefoot through the edge of the surf, having the enchanting experience of watching porpoises breaching the waves just offshore.

Baker Beach, a week ago

At one point a sea lion pup watched us before slipping back under the water, while dogs chased birds and each other, a perfect jellybeansofdoom kind of day.

On my work commute up and down the Peninsula, I’ve given more thought to our long term project of traveling with pets.

After all, JBoD is all about this, travels through time and space, flights of fancy, and leaving light treads on this Earth.

We figured originally on a used RV, roughly the size of a 1 ton cargo van, with “basic” comforts such as a, ummm, crapper. These typically fall under the Class B denomination and one issue, other than cost, is the lay out. Hence the notion of actually starting with a blank page: a used cargo van with amenities installed over time.

The beauty of these vehicles (other than price), is that they are like a blank canvas, a perfect starting point. Many come with a convenient partition between the cabin and the cargo space, a must when traveling with prisoners, I mean pets:

Cabin gate
inside door between cab and cargo
Max Headroom


Some companies specialize in body modifications such as installation of bay windows and, of particular interest to us, an expandable roof.

Ah, the possibilities…

Getting the kittoons accustomed to traveling will be a whole other challenge, but where there’s a will, there will be clashes… And boatloads of catnip.

I love what this guy did, and since we’re on an automotive topic, here is another I’m working on: the Citro├źn versus Shelby.

Weird, you bet, but this is jellybeansofdoom after all…

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