Caturday: the kitteh in black

Do cats dream? Yes, and not just about chasing mice or stealing food from the kitchen. We found out Kitsy likes sour cream, and hot sauce, which of course sends him sauntering to the litterbox right quick with what I call a bad case of volcanorifice. Cats like watching movies as well.
They just get it all confused at times, which in turn confuses us. In other words, you can never trust what a cat thinks…

We haven’t even seen “the woman in black” yet, but after watching this clip from “Fry & Laurie”, they’ve decided to… Re-enact what they haven’t seen yet. What imagination they have… But first the clip:

Somehow, from this, Jenny started acting the part of the kitteh in black:

Jenny the woman in black
Woooo…! Woooo..! LOL.

Mazuzu, still too weak to really play, acted the narrator, as if there was one, but it doesn’t matter because – well, because…

Kitsy narrating LOL woman in black
“… Don’t go chasing shadows, Gigadoon…”

Gigadoon is Tito’s new(ish) nickname, by the way, and Jenny’s is Gigic with hard G and pronounced Guiguitch. Balkans style. Sort of. Doesn’t matter.

In the haunted house, Tito finally surrenders to fitful slumber…

Trocadero haunted house
“The windows are where the doors should be..! Oh. This is all so confusing!”
Kitteh in black Tito sleeping
Dust bunny! Dust bunny! No escaping that for me..!

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