Sunday mayhem at o-dark hundred hours…

It’s 3:40 a.m. and I’m trying to work up a movie review. The boys are pooped and crashed in their spots on the computer desk: Tito in the basket above and Maz in the doggie bed to the side.

I want to play. Play with me.
I want to play. Play with me.

Miss Jenny still wants to play and is getting bratty about it. She’s carrying this balled up piece of paper, dropping it in Maz’ bed and steps on him to get a reaction. No dice.

She jumps up to Tito’s lair, almost knocking the desk lamp clipped to the side. I can hear Tito sigh, but he doesn’t budge. Down she comes again, picking up her toy once more.

I keeled it.
I keeled it.

She bats it into the space between the TV table and the wall and lunges after it, wedging her front end down there while back-pedaling with her rear.

She farts. Oh God she farted.

She comes up victorious with paper in mouth, I guess. I can’t really tell, my eyes watering and the fumes affecting my inner ear: the image and sound on the TV seem out of sync, because sound travels at a different speed after she ‘alters’ the atmosphere. I put my hands down on the desk to steady myself, Jeez… We need to change her diet progressively, but soon. Much depends on this.

Like, the future…

Ceiling Cat told me to.
Ceiling Cat told me to.

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5 Replies to “Sunday mayhem at o-dark hundred hours…”

    1. She is so cute and yet so foul at times! Oh well, she really is daddy’s girl but I’ll just leave it at that. Perhaps someone will elaborate..?

  1. I used to have the occasional “Attack of the Killer Kitty Farts” back when my sweet lil’ Goober was alive, but only when he’d been a successful lil’ psycho killer and scored himself a “midnight mouse” to snack on. Goodness how his digestive tract could process that nasty stuff!

    Thankfully Ting-Ting seems to be blissfully free of such noxious by-products…. so far. 😉

    1. Lucky you. Tito and Kitsy don’t seem to get gassy like Jenny. I’m changing them over to a grain free kibble, to see if that helps. Grain free is better for them anyway, so we’ll see how it goes. 🙂 Of course, if it works it will be one less thing for my husband to write about.

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