Friday Night Cats Blogging: Chaos

That’s why we love ’em. Their ability to foster and navigate chaos, the little @#&%*… Five in the morning? Is you asleep? FEED ME.

“FEED ME NOMS I LOIKES. Wet and smelly stuff that gets on yer sleepy, uncoordinated fingers and make you wince when you touch your face in a half-sleep… Know this: what’s good fer us iz good fer you.”

Damned dictators the lot of them. Here are photos of the criminals. I have to go back and try, just TRY to get some sleep. Kee-rist on a stick…

"Look into my eyes, not around the eyes. Look into my eyes..."
“Look into my eyes, not around the eyes. Look into my eyes…”
"Leave my dinner there. Then you may go"
“Leave my dinner there. Then you may go”
"Well that's all right..."
“Well that’s all right…”

We thought it was a growth at first.

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4 Replies to “Friday Night Cats Blogging: Chaos”

  1. Hahaha!! But kitties do some of their best thinkin’ at 5 in the morning…

    At least they didn’t bring you “breakfast in bed”… always such a thrill to wake up and find an eviscerated mousy on your pillow. Gotta keep saying to yourself: “It means they love me…. it really does…” while trying your hardest not to throw up. 🙂

    1. Oooh I’ve never been served breakfast in bed. We don’t have any rodents though, so that helps. When I lived in GA, we took care of the landlady’s cats. They were outdoor creatures and used to leave a dead mole on the doorstep at least twice a week. My roommate would hurl, so I learned to get out there first and clean up the evidence. 🙂

  2. I’m a cat lover, and have had many over 6 decades, but never a furless one! I don’t want to be insulting, but I can’t say that I find them attractive, although it’s interesting to see what their bodies look like under all their luxurious fur. But don’t you prefer petting soft fur, rather than their skin? Why did you choose a hairless cat?

    1. I’ll be honest. I didn’t find hairless kitties to be attractive at first. They have a lot of character though, and it grew on me. Our nekkid kitty is just as handsome as the others in our opinion. They are not actually hairless. They have no fur, but they do have something like peach fuzz. They are as soft as velvet and as they tend to be cold, they love to snuggle. I’m not a cat snob with the opinion that only pure breds rule. Our other two are mixed breed rescues and they are wonderful.

      Before we adopted Kitsy, we had a wonderful Burmese named The Boober. He and Tito were very close. When we lost The Boober to cancer, Tito was a bit lost and forlorn. We chose Kitsy for his outrageous personality as we knew that Tito needed it. It has been good for both of them. Adding Miss Nightshade Jenny to the mix was just icing on the cake. All of our kitties are happy and so are we.

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