Caturday Blogging: the temptation of Tito

After 40 days and nights of Jenny and Maz farting through the wilderness, which is still ongoing, and being relentlessly tempted to misbehave, Tito finally gives in…


Sure, sure, the other two are so much fun to romp and wrestle with, and so… Nommable.

In here with us

Sure, Maz steals food and likes to plant his arse and naughty bits in our faces when we sleep (I found an egg roll on the kitchen floor this very morning), while Jenny attacks anything that moves or she thinks is moving, farting up a storm as I lean to pet her.

Miss Jenny
Chicka chicka bow wow

Tito started by playing alone behind the drapes, as he likes to do. once in a while stopping to see if the others were enticed to come and check him out. This took some time, as Maz was busy looking for something to steal, or “liberate” as he calls it, in the kitchen and Jenny herself was stalking him, fascinated as she is by his spectacular nakedness ( she often looks back at us with a WTF is that look on her face).

Suddenly the noises from the window became a racket and we both turned to see that Tito had climbed up the drapes all the way to the ceiling, his head rotating almost 180 degrees, “exorcist” like. This was a first… The climbing, I mean. I’ve seen him do the head thing before when he’s tripping on catnip.

Sigh… Little Tito wants to fly…

Evil, never forget, is ever watchful.

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3 Replies to “Caturday Blogging: the temptation of Tito”

    1. I’m glad you enjoy their antics. I still can’t believe I saw our gentleman Tito at the top of the drapes. I was too busy laughing to even think about being angry. 🙂

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