Friday Night Cats Blogging: Paraskevidekatriaphobia

Paraskevidekatriaphobia, the irrational and morbid fear that something really, really, but really bad is going to happen when the calendar turns to Friday the 13th.
Irrational? But there is a greater fear about a more definite and immediate threat of getting your head ‘sploded by cats. And there’s no name for that yet.

Friday 13 Tito and Maz
0927 hrs - 1/13/2011: they stopped speaking as I walked into the kitchen

Even Miss Jenny was excluded from their conversation… Whatever, man… ‘Spect the ‘stache…

Walrus? Walpurgis? Tom Selleck?
Walrus? Walpurgis? Tom Selleck?

Eventually, Maz ambled back into the living room and “parked” himself in front of the television until…

melon go kablooie
I make melon go kablooie

Maz being nothing if not excessive, he ‘sploded another head, lifting his paw under the strain. Either that or he was passing gas.

Kapow Maz blows hedds
See what I did there? No? Watch again!

For those who haven’t mastered their powers yet, and I pray they don’t, Tito recommends starting with something easy like the photobomb…

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4 Replies to “Friday Night Cats Blogging: Paraskevidekatriaphobia”

      1. Ha, don’t worry about it. For some perspective, when my mother was living in The Bronx as a kid, she watched Whitey Ford pitch when he was still a wet-behind-the-ears kid for (The Eeeeevil!) Yankees. So, heh.


        I feel old these days knowing that if I ever did make it to the majors, I’d be a risky signing for anything more than a one or two year contract. Or as a catcher with bad knees, I’d most likely already be retired. I wanted to be Gary Carter in my youth…

        1. You triggered some good memories. I got to watch Nolan Ryan pitch for the Angels. I also got to watch The Goose (Gossage) pitch for the Padres. Watching The Goose pitch was an amazing thing. I saw batters visibly flinch when he pitched. What a joy.

          By watching, I’m referring to actually being in the stadium to see the game.

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