Friday Night Cats Blogging: Love is in the Air

It’s Friday night and time for our pointy eared people to shine. Miss Nightshade Jenny is now fully integrated into the JBoD household. Tito and Kitsy are completely wrapped around her little paws. The cooing and trilling around here is enough to make person ill with the overwhelming sweetness of it all. In other words, they are happy. It’s all good. Our boys were happy before she came home with us. They are happier now.

Tito: I will hug her and lick her and....
Tito: I will hug her and lick her and….
Kitsy and Jenny having a warm snuggle in the basket
Kitsy and Jenny having a warm snuggle in the basket

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4 Replies to “Friday Night Cats Blogging: Love is in the Air”

  1. Awwww!! So darn cute!! 😉

    I’m glad they have all settled in so nicely, it would have been terrible to see them fighting all the time and competing for your attention.

    Jenny looks sooo sweet when she’s asleep… hard to believe she’s such a wee lil’ sociopath when she’s awake, Hehehehe!!

    1. All cats worship Basement Cat at some point. I think the key was that we had a separate safe room for her. We didn’t just bring her home and toss her in with the boys. That would have been traumatic for all of them. She had her own room. I slept in that room with her for a week. Once the boys got used to her smells and sounds, I opened the door. The choice to come out was hers. I did watch the boys for problems during that time. She eventually came out from under the dresser and the love story began.

      It may not go over well, but I think I’m going to write another bit about introducing critters to one another. It can go smoothly, or be awful. If done correctly, it can go great. Doing it right matters to them as much as to us.

      Dammit! Are you ever gonna post a pic of your Ting-ting? Come on…you can do it. LOL

  2. ultra cute! i just love it, miss jenny has arrived and is now queen of all she surveys. your cats are so wonderful.

    i’ll be sending you the information you asked for soon. as soon as labby son gets home and rescues me from the responsibility of his 100lb dog LOL. Torre is sweet and tries to help keep miss lee in line … unfortunately, ms. cute takes full advantage of her small size and her big orange eyes. that’s okay, everyone has her measure now.

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