Friday Night Cats blogging: New World Order

We know cats took over the internet.
We have always known this would be the beginning, and we have proof that the end is nigh for man’s dominion over this world…
Tito has been exercising his power of inflicting pain on humans who displease Him from afar. Witness Him assuming direct control over this human on TV.

Tito assuming direct control
Tito assuming direct control

Mazuzu Whang displaying His power, eyes and ears in perfect celestial alignment… Did I mention he can fly?

Kitsy eyes and ears alignment
Thus spake Mazuzu Whang

Miss Jenny Herself ripped tufts of Her fur in rage (well okay, it was a fluffy toy but the intent was chillingly clear).

Jenny furry toy

Traumatic though this upheaval may seem, Cats prove themselves to be kind Masters, Ceiling Cat be praised…

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3 Replies to “Friday Night Cats blogging: New World Order”

  1. all the special jellybeans cats are so wonderful! great pix you share.

    the clip of the cat and baby is wonderful. that cat knew just what that little human needed. a living touch.

    happy happy holiday to all of you!

    1. Happy holiday to you and yours. We gave the kitties a couple of toys. They are catnip mice with feather tails. Weird, I know. Miss Jenny and Kitsy are competing for the award for most destructive. There are feathers everywhere. I’ll take pics of the carnage, of course. 🙂

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