Caturday blogging: the cute is strong

It’s Tito’s turn to feel under the weather with sniffles and sneezes galore. He is on his way to recovery, but it’s been a trying three days.

That and lay offs at work… In any event, this is our excuse for the delay in posting about our masters and mistress. The mistress who farted on me twice in less than 24 hours, the furry fiend. Oh she loves to be petted, for then she poots. Christ. Here they are in their splendor:

Jenny in tower
I'm gassy...
Tito and Jenny
Flavor flav...
Maz tail
Tail of Maz for lunch

Animals teach us many lessons don’t they?

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2 Replies to “Caturday blogging: the cute is strong”

  1. fart bombs !!! my big fellow Gummich is great for sbd’s. The wounded,
    hurt look he would turn on my husband,when Lou would toss him off
    his lap was pricelss….Lou also suspected that gummich only wanted to lapsit on him when he was gassy.

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