Friday Night Cats Blogging: in the land of Pointy Eared people

Well I was wrong: despite being a tortie mix, Jenny has not one crazy mean bone in her. We’ve now had plenty of opportunity to watch her at play with her two uncles, and heard nary a hiss.

Miss Jenny and Kitsune
Ah keess yu!

She’ll hop next to them and “bop” one in the head with a mild slap and no claws (Maz is remarkably unscathed after several romps).
Although, there was this one time yesterday when Maz sat on the bed, watching her from his meatloaf position and she approached him from the floor, sideways and all fluffed up, growling fiercely.

Miss Jenny
I’ll fart on you!

The kind of growling that says “I will end you and all that you love”. Well, Maz being Maz remained unfazed and she “deflated” soon afterwards. This afternoon, she did a half-Frankenstein, leading us to hope for a full-Frankenstein at some point in the future.

Speaking of “deflation”, the little darling’s still got the occasional case of the farts. Perhaps we out to call her Jenny Pujol? For a feral kitty with virtually no ‘social’ interaction, it did not take much more than a week for Jenny to show her cuddly, loving and playful nature. We knew it was important for her to have a safe place to hide, but also to never be alone with the other two.
As expected, Tito had a major role in making her feel safe enough to venture out and greet us, and she loves to romp with Maz, especially.

The most interesting cat in the world

Earlier, we chuckled at the computer desk crawling with them Pointy Eared folks.
We end this installment with a song we weren’t familiar with, about Freddie Mercury’s favorite cat Delilah. Enjoy.

Delilah lyrics are here.

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