Friday Night Cats Blogging: early transmission

Yet another dawn broke over JBoD’s realm, streaming photons into the fearsome three. Or two, since Tito is really more of a lovebug.

Tito Suave

Miss Nightshade Jenny slumbers in her private room dreaming of the void between stars, while Tito longs to make friends and Maz Whang plots another food theft. Jenny’s food.

Nom-noms and everything else...

As a friend of Rudha-an suggested, it could well be that the mix of Siamese and Tortoiseshell in Jenny’s make up has resulted in a creature fit for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Witness the gnawing on my wife’s arm alternating with grooming: I chew, I lick, I chew, I lick… Look at her crossways and she hisses before grooming you again. Okay, but what about the chewing on Rudha-an’s eyebrows? By the way, for those of you who never experienced a kitten chewing contentedly on your eyebrows, the hardest part is fighting the giggles. Laughing could be deadly, and Mister Bean would be a perfect target for her “attentions”.

I sing the body electric

Looking at Jenny’s angelic face and the arch of her eyes, one could easily forget the unusual red fiery spots on her ears, giving a clue as to her temperament. I foresee epic encounters with Mazuzu Whang, himself so much larger than life, on a scale not seen since, well, since Galactus and the Silver Surfer showed up in our system, with Tito and us playing the role of the Fantastic Four.

By the way, just to clarify the kibble tossing: Jenny flicks her head to spit out the kibble, then bats it around. In other words she spits and smacks it around savagely. I am thinking of her more and more as Heddy. Miss Heddy Hades…

The sun will be setting soon, and knowing She owns the night, I shiver.

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