Day two: Hedwig and the angry hiss..?

Hmmm… Is Nightshade Jenny trying to tell us something, I wonder?

Open. Open.Open.

Previously, on this channel, butt-head Maz Whang hissed at Jenny and at my wife when she picked him up to, let’s say “decrease the atmospheric pressure” in the room. Made me wish I had the camera ready, it looked like something out of the first “exorcist” and all I could think of was:

Ego te absolvo in nomine Patris, et Filiii, et Spiritus Sancti!!!!

Not Mazuzu Whang, but close enough. Tito, on the other hand, seems much more mellow and just very curious about the little ball of fur. There is a possibility that Tito could help in bringing her out of her shell, but we’ll explore that later.

Sugar and spice, huh?

In another post, this one about Mazuzu, I’d mentioned that it’s sometimes better to wait for the newly adopted to come up with their own name. And well, beyond the oh-so-sweet blinking gaze of Jenny’s blue peepers, I now sense something more than just the cute, vulnerable fuzzy-wuzzy that makes us go all kajagoogooey and ghoo-buh-ghee? Goo-buh-ghee-ish.

What happened yesterday, I can’t quite discount or otherwise sweep under the carpet. When in the safe room with my wife in the evening, Jenny decided to do a bit of exploring. Wonderful! Yes?

But when my wife was perceived to be getting “danger close” to the dish of wet food, Jenny fixed her with her ice-blue eyes and hissed a clear warning. Sooo-eee! We got us a handful there I think, so let’s see:

Hedwig \he(d)-wig\ as a girl’s name is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Hedwig is “contention, strife“. Actress Hedy Lamarr was born Hedwig Kiesler.

Hmmm. Hedy… Hedwige… Hedda…

"It's HEDley!!!"

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6 Replies to “Day two: Hedwig and the angry hiss..?”

    1. She will. It may take me a while to coax her out from under the dresser though. She has gone into deep hiding. However, she is eating very well and using the box, so I’m not worried on that score. We are spending long periods of time in the room with her. We leave every so often so she can get food or water without fear. It’s just going to take time.

  1. She is a pretty lil’ thing!! 😉

    Hopefully Maz will come around soon and they’ll all reach that “détente” that will let them all be comfortable enough to share “their Humans”. Then times will be good!!

    1. I’m seeing it now… The three cat stampede from room to room with hard landings on sleeping humans. I also get the feeling she’ll be spunky, that nervousness won’t last the way it does with Tito.
      Time will tell…

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