Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic at Golden Gate Park, October 2011

Yesterday, Lastech and I got up very early. We went out to watch the sunrise, raid the donut shop, and then go see a lot of old cars. Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic at Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park is a feast for the car lover’s eyes.  The cost was $40 to show a car and free for anyone walking in to enjoy looking at them.

According to the website:

Jimmy’s Annual Old Car Picnic started in 1988 when classic car-loving friends got together in Golden Gate Park to celebrate Jimmy O’Keefe’s birthday. It has since grown into the largest and longest-running show of its kind in San Francisco and includes cars, trucks, and motorcycles of all types, as well as a good number of oddballs….

From the beginning, Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic has been a benefit for people with Developmental Disabilities. The proceeds go to The Janet Pomeroy Center and The Portrero Hill Neighborhood House in San Francisco.

The following video is a slideshow of photos taken by Lastech and I.

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