One drive through the cuckoo’s nest

Part of the planning that went into moving into a travel trailer involved a choice of vehicles. Being a borderline gear-head, that excited me. Not a lot mind, because that’d mean dealing with car salesmen but still… Our current set of wheels is not much longer for this world, thanks to San Francisco traffic and drivers who can’t park without hitting other cars, and hard. I’d been going back and forth between a car or a truck, maybe even an SUV.

At one point I had a kind of epiphany and figured a small station wagon would do us fine, and it would be a good vehicle for Rudha-an to practice driving again. I looked at second generation Saturn wagons because of price, availability, reliability, size and cargo capacity as well as fuel economy. I figured I needed something that could get up to 35 miles per gallon on the highway to keep expenses down. Quickly enough, I found one on Craigslist, on a dealer’s lot in Fremont and so, hi-ho on the way we went.

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Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic at Golden Gate Park, October 2011

Yesterday, Lastech and I got up very early. We went out to watch the sunrise, raid the donut shop, and then go see a lot of old cars. Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic at Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park is a feast for the car lover’s eyes.  The cost was $40 to show a car and free for anyone walking in to enjoy looking at them.

According to the website:

Jimmy’s Annual Old Car Picnic started in 1988 when classic car-loving friends got together in Golden Gate Park to celebrate Jimmy O’Keefe’s birthday. It has since grown into the largest and longest-running show of its kind in San Francisco and includes cars, trucks, and motorcycles of all types, as well as a good number of oddballs….

From the beginning, Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic has been a benefit for people with Developmental Disabilities. The proceeds go to The Janet Pomeroy Center and The Portrero Hill Neighborhood House in San Francisco.

The following video is a slideshow of photos taken by Lastech and I.

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