“welcome to the jungle”

Okay, so it can go either way with Kitsune a.k.a Mazuzu Whang: tuna will either make him sleepy, or turn him into a crack monster.
After feeding him maybe a spoonful in hopes of calming him down and going back to sleep, nature called and I had to get up again.
Outside the bathroom, something sat in a crouch, waiting for poor, unsuspecting me in the doorway: the hunched back, the basket ball sized eyes, the ears, big enough to outfit the Mayflower.
Right: Mazuzu Whang, the Benjamin Button of catdom.
The unsettling part? He was making this weird clacking sound he usually makes when staring at birds, like the Predator.


After maybe half a minute, he trotted away back to bed. Neither rhyme nor reason.

You gotta respect something about a tenth your size, standing in your way and looking up at you as though it could just as soon kill you. Christ, even Schwarzenegger might have to check his drawers…

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2 Replies to ““welcome to the jungle””

  1. Sounds like my lil’ monster used to be….

    One of his favorite games involved ambushing me if I was silly enough to move around my apartment at night in the dark. Many were the little scratches and bite marks I’d receive as he pounced out from hiding and flashed away into some other room like his butt was on fire. In a weird way….. I sort of miss that now that he’s gone.

    1. That’s how Tito used to be as a 6 month old kitten. As to our Boober (Burmese kitty), I’ll post about “the tiger’s revenge”. That was his thing.
      Kittens’ claws and teeth are razor sharp: I sported scars for about a year….

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