Requiem: in praise of the Vampir

This week, the extended family of pointy eared people observed the passing of Vampir, a good natured soul with a sweet tooth for rodents. Much like one of the characters from “what we do in the shadows”, Vampir roomed with Nofuratu, Count, Vlad, Captain Darling and Renfield.  Renfield,  who follows in Vampir’s footsteps as a great mouser.

A powerful hunger
Renfield’s powerful hunger

I can easily picture Vampir’s handsome ears and glorious whiskers twitching in the dark, as the “doomed” mice scurried about. His casually interested eyes suddenly waning like a total lunar eclipse before the sacrifice.

Vampir at rest
Vampir at rest

A creature of both darkness and light, Vampir occasionally enjoyed exposing his six (or was it eight?) nipples to sunlight in between nightly pursuits. The warmth helping him digest sweetbreads just recently consumed.

Vampir's belly roll
Vampir’s belly roll

We celebrate Vampir’s transition to the other side of the bridge, where the sun always shines, the moon is always full and mice are plentiful and slower than molasses in winter. Why work at it so hard, eh?

Goodnight sweet Vampir
Goodnight sweet Vampir

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The Rainbow Bridge: Sweet Thordoggie

Thor,  aka Thordoggie, was born on June 13, 1994.  As you can see from his photo, he was a beautiful chocolate Lab.  According to his human LABWITCH:

My Thor — he was the largest in his litter and a puppy bully.  he was smart, he learned fast and well, but refused to get in the swimming pool.  drank out of it a lot, but wouldn’t put a toe into it.  definitely not a water dog.



He was a loving and loyal companion.  Whenever LABWITCH was alone, he was her guardian and protector. In her words:

When I was alone for a weekend or a week when the boys and hubby were out camping, etc., Thor was my protector (he got behind me whenever possible).  He hated thunderstorms, loved cuddles.

His favorite treats were bananas and carrots.  Thor was energetic and loved his walks and continued to enjoy them until his hip dysplasia became too much for him to handle.  When that happened, he got a cart so he could continue his walks.


Thordoggie and his wheels

Thordoggie spent his last days in bed, but he was very much loved, cuddled, and cared for.  After spending almost 16 years as her companion, Thordoggie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 2, 2010


He was loved in so many ways and, he sent us the great labradors we have now.

Ahhhh, the sweet smell of St. Augustine grass

Rainbow bridge

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The Rainbow Bridge: Terra

We would like to extend our sincerest condolences to our friend Abra Crabcakeya. He has lost a friend and companion.

On May 10, 2011, a wonderful Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Terra crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Born on November 30, 1997, Terra was 9 weeks old when she went to live with him. She was truly loved and gave her love in return. She will be sorely missed.

Her human, Abra Crabcakeya said this about her:

She has always had a knack of doing everything in a unique way that made her doggish doings uniquely hilarious. Terra will be missed more than I can ever express.

She is hardheaded , eccentric , and seldom obeys anyone but me – “Daddy’s Little Girl” , always.

This way , Daddy - O , this is where we're going

Along with being daddy’s girl, she was also a loving companion to two other fur faces. One is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Justice and the other is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Tsula. They miss her too.

From left to right: Tsula, Terra, and Justice

Terra is now romping with Durango, The Boober, and others while she waits for her human and furry companions at the Rainbow Bridge.

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The Rainbow Bridge: Sundance

Sundance, the black kitty with his brother Durango, the grey tabby

Today we got the sad news that our friend SallyCat and her husband (Mr. Cat) have lost one of their beloved fur kids. Sundance crossed the bridge on May 15, 2011. It’s very hard to lose our furry family members. The Cats have our sincere condolences.  Sundance will be sorely missed.  I’m sure The Boober was at the bridge to greet Sundance when he arrived.

Rainbow bridge

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