Bleeping weather, fecking smoke, and Pepi

The smoke from the fires has blown in and is awful. Back to that in a minute. First, the weather

A very odd thing happened Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was hotter in Concord, CA than in El Centro, CA. El Centro sits near the Mexican border in the Sonoran desert and is below sea level. These temps are normal there. Not so much here. San Francisco broke an all-time record with 106 degrees on Friday and we topped out at 109. Blech! We did the same on Saturday. In plain English, the weather is hotter than hell.

The fecking smoke was almost worse than the heat. It was blowing in from the fires up North. Then it blew in from the fires to the East. I couldn’t get two feet away from the inhaler, but I was ok. I used it when I needed it.

Lastech took this photo of the smoky sunrise

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Happy critters, or We haz heat!

Yes, the critters are much more happy. Last week we got a small oil-filled radiator. It helped a lot, but we needed a second one. It arrived on Friday. It’s a bigger one and we moved the small one to the bathroom. Happy happy joy joy!

Titanescu: I lubs you heater and you shall be mine!
Titanescu: I lubs you heater and you shall be mine!

I would yell bah humbug! but we made a wee nod to the season.

a wreath

Now for the happy critters.

Tito: Who me? I didn't make that mess
Tito: Who me? I didn’t make that mess
Miss Jenny is warm and happy
Miss Jenny is warm and happy
Titanescu basking in warmer days
Titanescu basking in warmer days

As for Pepi, she’s happy to have more heat too. That’s much better than being IN heat, which is over, thankfully. I should add that the wiley little rascal figured out how to do a Houdini and escape the harness. Oh joy. I don’t like it, but we’re using a Martingale collar now, when we walk. If she escapes while at Lime Ridge, it’s not so bad. However, we live right next to a very busy street. We’re being very careful as being part Dachshund, she could suffer damage to the trachea.

Who can resist Pepita's smile?
Who can resist Pepita’s smile?

I’ve heard of catfish, but a fishcat?

Hooray for Canada! We need to do this everywhere!

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