Friday Night Cat Blogging: fierce creatures

Time again for the boys to bask in the limelight, with other creatures added to the mix…

It's contagious..!

And now, more of Eldritch’s Stigmatas, known to the locals as Mapaches!

Run: a biped!!!

The elusive Elvis Pike in a grainy FBI surveillance photo…

"Old Spice". Indeed...

And finally, an older video of a heroic dog. Can be difficult to watch but uplifting, still…


Friday night cat blogging: all is NOT quiet on the Western front

Time again for the boys to shine, and share the spotlight with the wildlife I work with at night. And I am talking wild life.

But first, Kitsy showing off his magnificent wrinkles:


Then, Tito contorting himself in pleasure while sleeping…


Now, a couple of nights ago, while at work, I had to go break up a fight. Usually things are pretty calm, even if a bit weird.

Yeah. It's like that.

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Friday Night Cat Blogging: Uplifting Edition

It’s Friday and time for the boys to shine. This time, I’m going to add a couple of extras for a friend. She knows who she is. Like any human, sometimes we just need to know that we are not only loved, but needed. She is certainly needed.

Tito the adorable
Tito the adorable
Kitsy...ruler of the world
Kitsy…ruler of the world

And now… Here is our homage to the cat mum supreme. She’s also just a plain ole friend supreme. Plain ole friends are hard to come by, so no complaints here.

I don’t know if she likes Bach, but this is wonderful.

This flower made me think of you.


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It’s Caturday

Sadly, Friday Night Cat Blogging didn’t happen, so Caturday, it is. Now it’s time for the boys to shine.

Kitsune showing off his jellybeans

And now for a bit of humor. I found this the other day. It is so true.

cat c

Just in case you think that is an exaggeration, here is the proof.

BD c

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Friday Night Cat Blogging With a Doggie story

Tito's gaze
Tito’s gaze
Kitsune checking out the black mamba

And now for the “aw” factor. According to the AP:

A dog left for dead on a railway track in Poland has been given a second chance at life thanks to the kindness of a local animal shelter and vet. The 4-month old can now get around with wheels replacing her paralyzed back legs. (Aug 18)

Since I’ve been harping on owls lately, I thought everyone might get a laugh out of this pic.


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Friday Night Cat Blogging with Lastech

Time for the boys to shine.

Tito with laser eyes
Tito with laser eyes
I'm in the bag
I’m in the bag

This is the city. I carry a badge. Okay, a holographic access badge, and I work nights. Many of my ‘encounters’ involve wildlife, raccoons, skunks, possums and feral cats, beasties whom I’ve grown fond of…

I love my job. At night, ‘laser eyes’ stare back at me as I throw scraps of food at them. I never knew raccoons ate yogurt, but there you go. My apologies, I digress…
The area I work in covers about 10 square miles, and my favorite corner is ruled by a black cat I call Mack, as in Mack The Knife. Mackie Messer.

Mack the Knife
Mack the Knife before the Jack the raccoon

I have no idea how old Mackie is, that mildly scruffy black cat with his entourage: Pirate Jenny, another black cat which I assume is female, Jack, a young raccoon who backs down every time Mack stares at him, and Paulie, the nervous skunk.

Mack the Knife facing raccoon
Mack the Knife facing Jack the raccoon

Yes, I feed them, but not in such a way as to make them dependent on my visits. I do enjoy the look of recognition from Mackie and respect the pecking order he has created.The shots show Mackie alone, then approached by Jack, and finally Mackie alone after Jack backed off, as I dispensed food….

Mack the Knife after Jack the raccoon
Mack the Knife after Jack the raccoon

Curious about Mackie..? here is the original video from “Three penny opera”.

Here is the Pirate Jenny song as done by Marianne Faithfull. The original is great, but this is also well done.

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