Caturday: Fog! and Titanescu’s quest for world domination

Yes, the heatwave is finally over for us and Karl the Fog has returned. We’re all very happy about that. Our little air conditioner just never caught a break. No worries. We’re back to normal now. Well, mostly normal. I caught Titanescu attempting to execute his plot of world domination.

Karl the Fog and pelicans

That’s the fog. Now onward to Titanescu’s delusions of grandeur.

Titanescu plotting world domination. Or maybe he just wants to smack poor Pepi.

Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s world domination. We know he has an evil streak and he beats up on poor Pepi every chance he gets. I had been in a group chat visiting with my Canadian friends when I stepped away from the laptop to grab a cup of coffee. When I returned, I found him typing this.

Sweet Flying Spaghetti Monster! Is he Satan?

It got worse. That was his first comment. This was his second. Now I’m torn between being terrified and giggling my a$$ off.

OMG! Its binary! Were doomed, I tell you.

Well, he IS a tyrant, after all.

As for the others, they don’t take him seriously at all.

Miss Jenny: Birdie!
Tito being coy
Miss Pepi

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