Caturday: A view from the window

Yes, the kitties enjoy the view from the windows. They spend a lot of time there watching the world go by. The only view out of the old apartment window was a busy street. They like it much better here.

Tito bird watching at the window

Jenny was watching the birds from the screen door

Titanescu was watching and wishing he could chase the birds

Pepi wasn’t watching out the window. She was enjoying her chewie.

I’m always posting pics of the fur kids bird at the window bird watching. I thought I might share some of what they’re watching.

While I’m not thrilled about the pruned shrub (it will grow back), we have had a variety of birds come visit and sit on the fence. We’re still having storms rolling through, so we’re finding it harder to get out. As a result, I’m quite enjoying watching the birds along with the fur kids.


Hummingbird viewed from the screen door

This not-a-bird was perched on the fence earlier

Pretty California Towhee

I’ll keep watch for any different birds that might show up.

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Caturday: A view from the window — 2 Comments

  1. It’s definitely a “Cat Thing”… There’s a special place on the windowsill in our apartment’s living room that Ting Ting has claimed as her own for much the same purpose.

    There isn’t much of a view for the birdies on the walkway outside, but the grey squirrels love to scamper back and forth along it driving her abosultely carzy sometimes. That and the neighbor kids playing outside. Those will usually drive her off the perch to seek quieter space elsewhere.

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