Caturday: Diet, drizzle, and fruit flies, oh my.

Tito is officially on a diet. He’s used to free feeding, so it won’t be easy. Now, I only put a wee bit of dry food in the dish. To be honest, we’re ALL on a diet with less sugar, fat, sodium, and more. In addition, we survived a week long heatwave. Today we woke up to drizzle and cooler temps. It’s humid as all heck, but I don’t mind that as much as the heat. Combined with the heat, I’ve also discovered the downside of bringing home lots of fruits and veggies from the produce market. FRUIT FLIES!. I made a trap with cider vinegar, sugar, and soap and it’s taking care of the problem nicely. When I have a couple more small jars, I’ll make a couple more traps.

My happier news of the week though, is finding out that our friend “B” in Puerto Rico survived hurricane Erika. He and his rescue animals are all safe. I hope they remain that way as the hurricane season isn’t over yet.

Now it’s time for the pointy eared people to shine

Diet? I think not
Diet? I think not
Jenny: WHAT! I'm eating here!
Jenny: WHAT! I’m eating here!
Titanescu in a sunbeam
Titanescu in a sunbeam

Now for an interesting octopus

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3 Replies to “Caturday: Diet, drizzle, and fruit flies, oh my.”

  1. ((((((((((Julie)))))))))) thanks for sticking with me thru the storm! finally finished cleaning up debris, all’s well and all the furkids are safe and happy :O)

    Diet? I think not! Love the look on Tito’s face! Jenny’s and Titanescu’s pics are beautiful.

    Need to try your fruit fly trap…

  2. Awww. Poor Tito. I had to put all of my cats on a diet after the last time Pearl went to the vet. She had gained a pound since last year and the vet called her a “lard ass” which I thought was rather harsh. I am still feeding the same canned food (just less of it) but the dry food is diet food and they each only get 1/4 of a cup per day.

    I have been battling fruit flies here too. I didn’t get many tomatoes in my garden this year (the squirrels and the opossum got most of them) but one of my friends gave me a ton of tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers last week and I’ve been going crazy trying to think of ways to use them up. I made a big pot of gazpacho and used up most of the cucumbers and some of the tomatoes. How many big salads can one person eat?!!

    I am just now catching up on all your husband’s posts. Glad to see you have a nice dependable car! I love the post about Titan — he sounds like he is turning into a sweetheart.

    I need to send you an email so that we can catch up. Talk to you soon!

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