Caturday: black is the new orange

A very cool thing happened last weekend while Titanescu cuddled up to me. He likes to sleep with us and “drape” his upper body on an arm to soak up warmth. But last Sunday night, while he was close enough to lick my  forehead, I heard him purr for the first time.
It was low, uneven and lasted for less than half a minute, but we now know he can actually purr..!

Gratifying and wonderful as it is, there are other ways in which he shows us how comfortable he is here. The way he soaks up sunlight and enjoys a light breeze in his fur at the screen door, the way he spends several minutes rubbing against my ankles when I return from work, or the way he demands to be fed, especially in the morning.

We’re more and more familiar with the Marshal’s voice. There’s always been  trampling, pawing, some biting and hitting, but lately there are also  commands delivered not in a plaintive tone like Miss Jenny’s, or Tito’s happy “Mee!” sounds.  It sounds like this:

Вы. Вставай.
Прогулка в кладовую настоящее . Сделай это.
Перейти к кладовой , получить две банки . Не один, два .
Слейте первый банку в моей чаше , я получудругой рядом .
Получить. До .

You. Get up.
Walk to the pantry now. Do it.
Go to the pantry, get two cans. Not one, two.
Empty the first can in my bowl, I’ll get to the other next.
Get. Up.

If you disappear in the bathroom, he’ll try to pull it off its hinges like he did yesterday morning when Rudha-an decided on a pit stop BEFORE filling his bowl.

Is it because living in a smaller space brings up prison – I mean shelter behavior?

Another thing. Perhaps someone will have suggestions for treats to give Titanescu, something tasty maybe, but I don’t think he’s ever getting catnip again, unless by accident. We relented after giving some to Jenny, and as soon as he snorted some, the old P&P reared its ugly head: Paranoia and Psychosis turned him into a hissing and striking cobra, foul spit and all.

Now, sure, most of the time he is content to cuddle and get scritches, especially when we have company (funny, that). We know he can be a sweet cat, and that he is capable of purring.
But we have also seen the other side of the Black Rainbow.

Now it’s time for the pointy eared people to shine.

Tito in the window. He likes to watch the birds
Tito in the window. He likes to watch the birds
 Miss Jenny wasn't interested in the photo session.
Miss Jenny wasn’t interested in the photo session.
Titan and his stinkeye soaking up a sunbeam
Titan and his stinkeye soaking up a sunbeam

Ah, yes. Love nips from a cheetah

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