Caturday: Love rules the day

Rudha an: The post below was written by Lastech and I’m adding my bit up here. Yesterday was nothing short of amazing to me. Love certainly ruled the day. I spent the day watching my Facebook and Twitter feed and sniffling with happiness. Finally! It’s now just marriage. It’s not “same sex marriage” or “gay marriage”. It’s just marriage for all. Hooray! This is Pride weekend here and it has taken on a whole new meaning.

Castro flag

In addition, thanks to the confusion of our move, we neglected a very important celebration. On May 14th of last year, our friend Catgirl married the love of her life, Carolyn. We want to wish them all the happiness they can handle. Catgirl writes great reviews of horror films from around the world for her delightful blog, Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox.

Lastech: As it turns out, living in a trailer with cats is like traveling through space with Klingons. They play, they fight while singing the songs of heir people and romp all over us , not so much at high speed for lack of room, but take flying leaps. By the way, this is how they demand to be fed. No tact.

The fabric covering the furniture seems pretty sturdy considering how often and how violently they claw at it. The window blinds are not so resilient. No matter, eventually they’ll have destroyed all of that and we’ll have to replace it.

They do enjoy watching the world outside the windows or the screen door, especially when there’s a ray of sunshine to lay upon. They are excited by the wind stirring through the leaves outside and lust for bloody murder as robins fly by on their way to the bird feeder. Speaking of birds, these flying piglets go through birdseed like there’s no tomorrow.

And if the catonauts had their way, there would be no tomorrow, just half digested feathers in the litter box… The best Tito could do yesterday was to pull a Renfield and gobble up a fly before we had time to get up and yell “gross!”
He did groom himself after that….

Tito staking out a spot by the window
Tito staking out a spot by the window
Miss Jenny making love to Rudha an's sandals
Miss Jenny making love to Rudha an’s sandals
Titanescu being lazy in the bunk
Titanescu being lazy in the bunk
Bird watching. They love it when the weather is cool enough to keep the door open.
Bird watching. They love it when the weather is cool enough to keep the door open.

Now for a little music showing how we feel this week. 🙂


6 Replies to “Caturday: Love rules the day”

    1. Thank you Flumpty! They’re healthy, for sure. Actually, I think the move has been really good for them. Miss Jenny was starting to cough a lot. She has only coughed once since we moved. 🙂

    1. Not yet. Tito and Miss Jenny would be too terrified to go outside. They hide when I reach for the door. Titanescu would go out, but getting the harness on him might be interesting, given his nasty temper. LOL

  1. Awww!! Thanks for the good wishes! Big hugs right back at you two. 😉

    I think you hit it right on the head. This was a victory for love… all love and all the people who share that love. Carolyn and I were lucky to be able to make our marriage a reality early, but now everybody in the US can join us in sharing that joy too. <3

    Hahaha!! Yeah… “living with furry Klingons”… I can really agree with you there. Over the years, my various little kitties have always been like that. Murderously sweet little serial killers. That’s all cats in a nutshell all right.

    1. Exactly! Everyone also gets all the benefits that come with that piece of paper, such the right to visit each other in the hospital or deal with inheritance and a myriad of other issues that the “straights” take for granted. 🙂

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