Caturday: Sunny day edition

Happy Caturday everyone! It’s a sunny day here. I hope your weather is good where you are. I know there was some awful weather in the Midwest the other day. I miss the rain, but I’ll settle for a sunny day.

The microwave (16 years old) went off the rails and made some really creepy noises. Rather than risk the thing becoming sentient and taking over the world, we chose to pull the plug. Its lonely carcass sits on the porch awaiting a journey to the recycler. We’re not planning on buying a new one.

Today, the pointy eared people have been given another artistic treatment. This time, Lastech used the PaperArtist app on his phone. It’s available for i-Phone and Android.

Miss Jenny
Miss Jenny

Now for a bit of fun. Simon’s Cat is back with another episode.

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2 Replies to “Caturday: Sunny day edition”

  1. Those pictures look great! My condolences on the death of your microwave. When I was growing up my family was the only family I knew of that did not have a microwave oven. My dad had an irrational fear of them. But we got along without it just fine — so, I’m sure you will too. 🙂

    Enjoy the sunshine! We had some strong winds and lots of rain a couple of nights ago and there were tornado warnings in the surrounding areas all around us but our sirens here never went off. I’m glad about that because it is never fun trying to corral the cats and dogs to get them into the basement.

    1. I’m glad things turned out ok for you weather-wise. One of my FB friends lives less than 10 miles from Fairdale which got hit hard. They came through safely, thank goodness.

      As for the microwave, we weren’t planning on taking it with us or replacing it anyway. I didn’t cook in it. I just used it to heat things. A stove and/or oven will do the same. It was just another “thing” we didn’t need. 🙂

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