Caturday: The artistic version

Ok, it’s not that artistic. However, this is what you do when the pics are substandard or the backgrounds just really suck.

I found it hard to get enthusiastic this week as the the news was just awful. First there’s a plane crash and then Indiana makes their attempt at taking us back to the Jim Crow era. I’m happy to see the blow back on Indiana. Warning to all bigots: I believe in equal rights for EVERYONE. Yep, I mean everyone. If you operate a business in order to serve the public, then you should NOT get to choose which public you serve. I may not be fond of Mayor Lee, but I was happy to see our city announce a boycott. I hope it sends a message to other states trying the same thing.

Ok, now that I’m done ranting, it’s time for the pointy eared people to shine. 🙂

Miss Nightshade Jenny
Miss Nightshade Jenny

After all that, here’s a vid of some cute owls.

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4 Replies to “Caturday: The artistic version”

    1. Thank you Grace. I’m running late with my post today, but I’ll post the links to my favorite photo software sites. They’re free. The one is called Be Funky and I think I used “underpainting”. I can’t remember now.

  1. Nice pics… sometimes messing around with the image software can make a “meh” pic into an amazing one… always fun. 😉

    Yep…. Indiana really stuck their foot right in their mouth with this one. The thing that annoys me most isn’t the repulsive law itself… but the way they won’t simply confess their real motives for coming up with it in the first place. Amazing how many bigots think that if you try to wrap hate in the warm fuzzy blankie of Religion you can somehow make it acceptable. Like they figure nobody would dare call them out on it. Pathetic…

    1. Catgirl, they used the same darned arguments to try to keep slavery and then later to avoid equal rights for African Americans. It’s plain and simple horse pucky.

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