Caturday: Moving furniture

The poor kitties. I’m glad we have Feliway. I’ve been moving furniture. Most of the furniture is going away, but I’m doing it in stages. The pointy eared people are not amused. However, they ARE happy that I put the cat tower by the window.

As for Lastech and I, our 11th anniversary was on Thursday. Due to his work hours and my thrashing about the apartment, we snuck out on Wednesday evening to celebrate with some good diner food. I had a burger, fries and a real milkshake. Lastech had a Reuben. Then we went to Sutro Heights Park to walk it off.

That was our week. Now it’s time for the pointy eared people to shine.

Miss Jenny looking lovely
Miss Jenny looking lovely
Tito getting scritches from dad
Tito getting scritches from dad
Titanescu watching over his domain
Titanescu watching over his domain

Lastech posted this vid on my Facebook wall. I love it so much I have to post it here. There are quite a few versions of this dancing bird out there, but this is my favorite. The Brazilian music is perfect.

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4 Replies to “Caturday: Moving furniture”

  1. Love the pictures of the pointy-eared ones! That dancing bird is hilarious. We are having some really nice, warm weather here today — in the 60s. So, the birds around here are really enjoying themselves.

    Next week is our spring break and I’m taking the week off from work. So, I’ll be moving furniture around too and doing some much needed spring cleaning.

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

    1. I’m glad it’s finally warming up for you. It’s been warm here and now Karl The Fog is back and cooling things off. Sadly, we had a mostly dry winter and NASA says that our state only has enough water left for one year. Ouch!

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