5 Replies to “Lastech has hit the half century mark!”

  1. Happy birthday! How old is that in dog years? No matter – you’re still a young pup. 🙂

    I do hope your lovely wife baked you a cake and that the kittehs have been on their best behavior.

    1. No cake. Given the shaking of the building a cake would probably collapse anyway. We just woke up and he has to work tonight. Maybe we’ll get out tomorrow. 🙂

    1. Amazing how much easier most things get… Other than the usual and expected physical limitations, eyesight giving me trouble when working on the computer, having to unkink my back after sitting an hour, etc., the perspective gained is very comfortable.
      Strange thing is having to work on my attention deficit, which I wasn’t born with. But this birthday makes me wish for all of our friends to be as happy as I am today, deeply and consistently satisfied, to live with someone they adore, surrounded perhaps by little furry, clumsy ninjas.

      Many thank yous to everyone..!

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