Sunrise pics and an earthquake report

Hello world. We survived the earthquake just fine here in San Francisco. The epicenter was rather close though as it was only about 40 miles NNE of us. While we did fine, many in Napa are now picking up the pieces. There was a tremendous amount of damage.

Now for some sunrise pics taken by Lastech.

Sunrise 1

Sunrise 2

Sunrise 3

Sunrise 4

Sunrise 5

Sunrise 6

Sunrise 7

Sunrise 8

Sunrise 9

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4 Replies to “Sunrise pics and an earthquake report”

  1. Earthquakes… so glad we only have the really rare tiny ones here. How noticeable was it where you are? I bet the kitties didn’t like it one bit. They probably wondered “What in heck are those construction guys doing next door now?”

    1. It was quite noticeable though we might have slept through it if we weren’t already awake. There was an extreme yelling match going on outside our door, so it woke us up. I had called the police but cancelled them after it broke up. We were just getting ready to settle back down to sleep when it hit. It felt strong but it felt like someone was just moving the bed back and forth firmly but not too hard. Obviously it was far worse in Napa. The kitties didn’t seem to be upset much.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! And so very glad you are okay. I’ve only experienced one earthquake about 4-5 years ago and even though it didn’t do any damage it was quite scary.

    I’m glad your kittehs weren’t too upset by it. 🙂

    1. I won’t say they aren’t scary, but I don’t get ruffled unless they’re pretty big. I’m guilty of hitting Facebook right after and posting “go home earthquake, you’re drunk”. It was my way of letting my friends know that we were fine. 🙂

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