2 Replies to “Like sands through the hourglass…”

  1. Hi! It sounds like you’ve been extremely busy – it looks like I’ve missed several posts. I absolutely love the pics of the kittehs in the previous post. I don’t think I’d ever noticed before now that Miss Jenny’s nose is black. That must be really unusual for a Siamese mix.

    How’s it going? I’ve been pretty busy myself lately. The weather is finally warming up here and there is just so much to do now.

    1. No worries. Miss Jenny’s nose is a very dark brown…almost black. The lighting will dictate the color. Poor girly. We ran out of Feliway, but we have more on order. I’ve discovered that it really works. We’ve been busy. Our Angel Island trip was great and we’re going to try to go back very soon. I think we’ll shoot for foggy day though as that makes for the easiest hiking. We got our pics of the skyline from there, so we don’t mind the fog for the next trip. 🙂 In the meantime, my “spring” cleaning is on hold until the Feliway gets here. I don’t want Miss Jenny hiding again.

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