After the storm

Lastech managed to take a couple of pics from the pier and at the Embarcadero. They weren’t taken on the same day, but they all occurred after the storms that have been blowing through.

dock denizens

Morning glow
Morning glow
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge

We have had lots of rain, small hail, thunder and lightning. The pointy eared people were not amused, but they only hid during the hailstorm. They didn’t hide for long at all. That’s evidence (to me) that the Feliway is working.

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2 Replies to “After the storm”

  1. Very nice pictures! I hope you are enjoying your rain! We had some very loud thunderstorms here this morning too. Cora kept following me around yelling at me in her loud voice. I was busy trying to get ready to go to work. I finally stopped to see what she wanted and she looked at me with her eyes really big and she had this look on her face like, “What is all that noise? Should I be scared?” Nobody else seemed to be concerned about the thunder. We still have a cloudy sky but they’re not dark storm clouds like we had this morning. 🙂

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