Caturday: The pointy eared people are sad

Titanescu is especially sad. His hero, Colonel Meow, has passed away. The Colonel was a rescue who was found abandoned by the side of the road. He was later adopted by Anna Marie Avey aka Slave Beast. His rise to power began when his pictures were posted to Instagram. From there, he extended his power to Facebook. On top of his rise to power, The Colonel also holds the Guinness World Record for the longest fur (9 inches). He accomplished much in his short time on this earth. We’re sure he’s finding new minions beyond the Rainbow Bridge and living by his motto:

Enjoying life, one scotch induced nap at a time.

Jarrett Bellini of CNN has written a wonderful and humorous obituary for The Colonel and you can find it here.

Colonel Meow will be missed greatly and we wish to extend our condolences to Anne Marie and ALL of his friends and minions. With much love from Titanescu, Tito, Miss Jenny Nightshade, Rudha-an and Lastech

Here are the pointy eared people.

Titanescu using Miss Jenny as a pillow
Titanescu using Miss Jenny as a pillow
Sleepy Tito
Sleepy Tito

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2 Replies to “Caturday: The pointy eared people are sad”

    1. That really is amazing. He and Tito aren’t buddies, but they aren’t enemies either. Titan doesn’t hiss any more unless I annoy him by petting him anywhere other than his cheeks. LOL He’s pretty darned happy as near as I can tell. His still a curmudgeon, but a happy one.

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