Sunset with Karl

One evening we were out and stopped by Bernalwood to walk around the hill and enjoy the sunset. It’s located just north of us here in San Francisco. It was a beautiful evening.

Bernalwood Sunset
The colors were gorgeous

We were slowly headed back to the car when I looked up and saw that Karl (The Fog) was moving in wispy tendrils along the top of Bernal Hill.

Bernalwood Sunset
Karl was aglow

I must confess. I’m having an affair. Lastech is well aware of it and he even helps me to indulge. You see, I spent the first 37 years of my life in the desert. While the desert can be beautiful, fog, rain and greenery are NOT plentiful. I simply adore Karl The Fog. He is one of my favorite things about San Francisco. I pine for him when he’s off somewhere and happy when he comes back. He was in a hurry and moving fast that night. Lastech and I hopped in the car and raced over to Twin Peaks. It was worth it.

Twin Peaks sunset
As you can see, Karl was magnificent.

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