Caturday: Circo de Gato

Pandemonium reigns supreme in the JBoD household. Tito, Jenny and Titanescu go ballistic for a while. Once done, it’s naptime. The manic moments are a wonder though.

Martial acrobatics meet Jenny’s Petomania under Tito’s benevolent gaze. If you remember, Miss Jenny runs on poot poot power. Most people can blame the dog. We blame Miss Jenny. These martial acrobatics bring out the best in her. Hmmmm, maybe that’s the worst.

Tito usually stays above the action and watches
Tito usually stays above the action and watches

As for Titanescu, he looks forward to playtime. He’s still a grumpy butt , but he’s a happy grumpy butt. Here’s a little slideshow movie I made of his acrobatics with Jenny. She does most of the acrobatics (and poots), but they have fun. Oh, and please forgive the music’s abrupt ending on the video.

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2 Replies to “Caturday: Circo de Gato”

  1. Great show! Miss Jenny has grown into quite an acrobat. She looks really big in these pictures. I love the way she kept trying to get Titan to play with her.

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