Caturday: who are the pets around here?!?

It’s 5:43 a.m., Los Bastardos have been fed their gushy food and Thundercats are go!

They’re ‘go’ all over the place so fast, Scotty’s not sure if she’ll hold, Captain…. Roll back the clock a few hours, sometime after midnight. Titanescu was on the bed as usual, but this time on my side. That makes me toss and turn and generally screws up my sleep, but hey, what we wouldn’t do for our furballs, eh?

It must have bothered him at one point because he slapped a paw firmly on my leg and held it there for half a minute as if to say “Достаточно двигались!” (something like ‘enough moving about’ I think)

I figure he had the same look as the other day. You have to wonder, even as they do their little feed-me dance on the kitchen floor, exactly who’s the pet around here?

Belly rub?
Tito: Belly rub?
Here birdie birdie birdie
Miss Jenny: Here birdie birdie birdie
да, поскольку на самом деле я собственными совместного
Titanescu: да, поскольку на самом деле я собственными совместного

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2 Replies to “Caturday: who are the pets around here?!?”

  1. such wonderful furbabbies! been out a lot, an infection is trying really hard to take hold and i’m trying real hard not to let it. i know you know what i mean. the labs are trying to keep it from happening too. they keep making me move around and do stuff which is really good. our animals just know what we need!

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