Caturday: It’s cold and rainy

It’s cold, rainy and a good day to stay indoors. Tito and Jenny have spent most of the day snoozing.



Miss Jenny

Miss Jenny

Best Friends

Best Friends

Here’s the reason we don’t have a Christmas tree. This video is brought to you by


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Caturday: It’s cold and rainy — 4 Comments

  1. I’m thinking Miss Jenny has the right idea for days like this… Brrrrr!!!… It’s certainly cold in my neck of the woods too.

    “Kittens in My Christmas Tree”…. yep. That’s why I don’t have fancy glass ornaments. 😉

    • Ha, I know it’s colder where you are. I shouldn’t complain. It’s raining right now, but at least it’s not the horizontal rain we got a week or two ago. The rain is good and it turns our hills green. :)

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