Between the storms with some happy dogs

As many know, San Francisco and the Bay Area have been subjected to a series of storms. The North Bay appears to have gotten the worst of it. In spite of all that, mother nature has seen fit to give us some beautiful views in between those storms. The dogs were certainly enjoying it.

Happy beach dogs

Happy dogs at Baker Beach

It was a bit breezy and chilly, but it was a beautiful day. The dogs were very happy to be out to play.

Pelicans at Baker Beach

Pelicans swooping over the waves at Baker Beach

Baker Beach

Lands End from Baker Beach

Baker Beach dog

What a cute little mop doggie

Baker Beach dog

One very happy big ole beach doggie

I can’t be sure, but I think the dogs belonged to two different people. I should have gotten their names as it would have been polite. However, I wound up thoroughly distracted by the joy shown by both.

Baker Beach dog

Oh what a happy dog

Baker Beach dog

This dog has a magnificent tail

Baker Beach dog


Baker Beach dog

Where’s the ball?

Baker Beach dog

I got the ball!

Baker Beach

I finally remembered to look at something beside the dogs

Baker Beach

Baker Beach surf

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge looking as beautiful as ever with the clouds and the surf

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