The Coastal Trail: Before the Storm

On Tuesday the 27th, we went for a walk along the Coastal Trail near the Golden Gate Bridge. We knew there was a storm coming, so we wanted to get some time outdoors before it hit. It turned out to be a wonderful little jaunt that was full of surprises.

Golden Gate
Lastech looking out across the Golden Gate. Point Bonita (on the Marin Headlands) is visible in the distance

I wanted to break up the trip into two posts, but it just wasn’t going to work. We had some very nice surprises along the way.

The bit of Coastal Trail we walked wound around old military batteries and made its way under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge
Like a moth to the flame, I’m drawn to the Golden Gate Bridge

Along the way, I found this little critter. I actually made a point of moving him/her out of harms way as it was on the trail.

Coastal Trail banana slug
A banana slug was travelling the trail in the opposite direction
Coastal Trail hawk
I saw this hawk sitting in a dead tree along the trail

The trail winds around under the bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge
I love the Golden Gate Bridge from all angles
Purple flower
Pretty Purple flower

After passing under the Golden Gate Bridge to the other side, I saw some pretty purple flowers. I don’t know what they’re called but they work better than a bug lamp for attracting critters.

Anna's hummingbird
Anna’s hummingbirds love the pretty purple flower
bee on purple flower
Bees love those pretty purple flowers
Anna's hummingbird
Did I mention that hummingbirds like the pretty purple flowers?

So there we were, watching the wildlife when I got distracted. Yes, I distract easily. I manage to see a lot of things I might have missed otherwise, so I won’t complain.

Golden Gate Bridge
There are people on top of the South tower. They are left of center.

A sunset wasn’t really in our plans, but it happened anyway.

The Golden Gate
Hints of what was to come

We were really in a bad location for a sunset as Lands End would have hidden the sun. We didn’t speed, but we moved as quickly as we could and stopped at the trail above Sutro Baths.

Sunset over the Pacific
We weren’t the only ones out to watch a sunset
Sunset over the Pacific
Beautiful sky over Sutro Baths

It was a wonderful little hike. We’re getting better and better at noticing the little bits of nature that show up in our city. None of our trips are dull, at any rate.

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