Tito and the art of the Dead Bug

Tito and Jenny are both nervous wreck kitties. In Tito’s case, it has taken him 4 years to learn to relax…mostly. He’s still terrified of shoes and he smacks the crap out of anything that doesn’t look right to him. Aside from smacking inanimate objects that make him nervous, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He’s a gentle soul and he adores Miss Jenny.

I managed to get some photos of him practicing the dead bug. He’s getting quite good at holding the position for a long time. Miss Jenny is still too nervous to attempt this position.

Tito dead bug
Lazy semi-dead bug
Tito dead bug
Happy dead bug
Tito dead bug
Dead bug with a bit of a twist

Speaking of dead bugs….

YouTube video by Carmichaellynch

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2 Replies to “Tito and the art of the Dead Bug”

  1. Miss Annabel Lee is the biggest scaredy doggy i’ve ever had. she actually sneaked up on Torre and scared herself in the process LOL.

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