Of Fog and Belligerent Wildlife

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is where we go when we want to relax a bit.

Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park
Stow Lake always looks pretty in the fog
Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park
Flower and water droplets

I had just taken the fog photo when I saw it. It was a belligerent seagull. It was yelling at its reflection in the car. It was a riot. Even the people who owned the car got a laugh.

Angry gull

After that, we started to drive around to the other side of the lake when I saw it. It was another belligerent creature.

Belligerent crayfish Hey stupid

He was a feisty critter and he was just strolling down the sidewalk. We patiently herded him back to the lake as the gulls began to gather ominously. He made it back in one piece.

Gulls zombie

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